T.O.S. has been started in 2008 providing a wide range of services to oil and gas industries with the best quality, overcoming the competition through a professional team, and gained a very good reputation and creditability of overseas supplying components.
‏Experience and expertise are playing a vital role to continue the success flag march of the company specifically while performing manufacturing of critical components.
‏ T.O.S. is serving customers with continuous success, and there is a wide range of other industrial customers that we serve.
‏ T.O.S. is one of few companies providing in-house services as well as field services.


‏Primarily we want to be ranked as the ‘’Best” in our business, our strategy is Total Quality management –fully satisfying our customer’s requirements through process continues improvement, aimed at timely providing & continuously improving the services, providing a safe work environment, managing our business processes , and servicing efficiently.


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Head office: 10/6-7th Shater , Saudia Buildings , New Maadi Cairo - Egypt.

Tel/Fax: (+202) 270 26 556


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